Gutter Repair

Gutter Repair Virginia Beach

Just as with any part of your home, it pays to keep a close eye on your gutters.

For one thing, they can be susceptible to damage, especially during inclement weather.

If they do become damaged it is better that they are repaired as quickly as possible to avoid the issue causing problems with your roof or with the walls of your home.

In many instances of damp in a house, especially when it seems to start suddenly, the issue can be poor drainage of rainwater from the outside of the house.

The drainage system provided by your gutters and your drainpipes is designed to help your house rid itself of water quickly and effectively.

If this system breaks down, it really is in your best interest to repair it as soon as possible.

But how to know when repairs are required before they can become a big problem?

Well, for one thing regular cleaning by a professional service (like us!) will allow us to check the condition of your pipes and drains during cleaning and offer an appropriate early repair strategy.

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    In addition to that however, there are a few tell tale signs that you can keep an eye out for, such as:

    Damaged Paint

    Keeping an eye on the paint on your gutters is great way to monitor for structural damage.

    Peeling paint indicates an excessive build up of moisture. In other words, the water is not draining quickly through the system.

     Another benefit of the paint system is that usually you can spot any damage from ground level, negating any dangerous trips up a ladder.

    When it comes to all gutter repair work, our company is the best in the area.


    These may be hard to spot form ground level, particularly higher up in the pipes. This therefore may be something that we notice during cleaning and call your attention too – again, highlighting the importance of regular cleaning by a professional service.

    From ground level, trickles of water running down the front of pipes could be an indicator of cracks further up. You may also be able to see lower down in the pipe. Chances are, if it has cracked low down it is also damaged higher up – and that is where your problems really lie.

    If we can get to the problem early enough, we may be able to repair small cracks in some pipes. An alternative would be to replace the section that has been cracked.

    General Leaks

    Any leak in general is cause for concern, so it really does make sense to get in touch at the first sign of leaking. As with the cracks, it could just be a simple repair, in which case it’s better to get it done early when we will be working with potentially just a small damaged area to repair – and lower charges for you!

    If you leave it too late then you run the risk the of the damage spreading. The scope of the project could then change from a repair to a full or partial replacement – and the associated additional costs.

    Just as with any home repair then, speed is very much of the essence.