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Gutter Replacement Virginia Beach

Do you know when your gutters were installed?

Yeah, we know – it’s kind of an odd question, isn’t it!?

Truth is, as gutter professionals it’s a question that we ask quite often – especially when we have been brought in first time for a deep clean or to repair part of a failing system.

Generally speaking, a gutter that is made of galvanized steel or aluminum is going to last for around 20 years.

If you are one of the very lucky, but unfortunately dwindling proportion of people whose pipes and gutters are made of copper, then they have a lifespan closer to 50 years.

Of course, these are just ball park figures and are subject to the local weather conditions, any damage during cleaning over the years and correct installation in the first place.

Even with these variables affecting the true lifespan, it is still easy to see that they don’t last forever – and sooner or later you will need to call in the experts to replace what you currently have.

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    Here are some of the key signs to look out for that indicate a replacement is going to be due pretty soon…

    Cracks, Holes and Rust

    The holy trinity! Just one of the faults, especially if they present in isolation, and we could potentially repair instead of replace – see out repair section for further details. 

    If all three are present then that is bad news. If all three are present throughout the entire gutter system then that is almost certainly beyond a simple repair – and the system will need a complete gutter replacement. Our company does that and much more so give us a call today.

    Broken Fasteners

    These are the metal rings that attach the guttering to the side of your house. They bear the weight of the whole system, including all the rainwater as it makes its way down to the ground.

    They do break every now and then therefore – but persistent breaking indicates an old system that needs an overhaul.


    Your gutter will simply not work properly if the individual pieces of gutter begin to separate from each other. This is because the design of the system calls on the pieces to be together to form a channel that flows the water efficiently down to the ground to disperse into the drains and sewers.

    Without these channels, the system doesn’t work properly – and your house becomes vulnerable to water damage.


    It may be difficult to see from ground level, but your gutters are installed at carefully maintained angles – this is referred to at the “pitch” of the gutter. The pitch encourages the water to naturally flow toward the downpipe, and drain quickly and efficiently.

    When it starts to sag, this pitch is disrupted and the rainwater may not flow as effectively as before. This can cause water to pool in certain sections of the gutter.  In turn, this will result in long term damage to the system as the weight of the water pulls at the installation as a whole. It will also mean that rainwater does not drain away properly from your house. The additional moisture of rainwater hanging around in the system can encourage mold growth and dampness to spread in your walls and roof, potentially causing serious long-term damage.

    If you see any – or worse, all – of these signs then you should contact us for a replacement quote as soon as possible – before more serious damage to your house can be allowed to occur.